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The cosy jacket for the winter trip in the pram, the toasty warm baby blanket for playful explorations, the healthy mattress pad for angelic sleep. MEIDA is an innovative thermal fleece for optimal thermal insulation. Received by babies with open arms and appreciated by adults as welcome protection in the indoor and outdoor sector.

The fine, breathable polypropylene fibres in the microfibre field make the difference. MEIDA is thinner than conventional padding, acts as a windbreak and prevents the loss of body heat. In the "MEIDA Infrared" design, ceramic microfibres ensure that the body's heat rays are reflected in the infrared range.

MEIDA is ideal for cuddling around young new arrivals. But adults also know to appreciate MEIDA in wind and weather. The material is suitable for allergy suffers – a single layer insulates better than two wool jumpers.

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