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Do-it-yourself is all the rage. Do-it-yourself is the motto and so more and more people are taking up knitting needles and crochet hooks or tailoring their own clothes. The self-made project, however, only becomes a favourite with the right accessories –and modern retail only meets the upscale fashion demands of its clients if it offers a complete product range. This includes yards, zippers, buttons, crochet hooks, embroidery needles, sewing needles, wool, appliqués, binding and so on. VENO supplies everything: quickly and reliably. We not only complete fashion. But we also complete your offer.

VENO has been supplying the specialised trade since 1952: extensively and always in tune with the times. Whether buttons and zippers for individual fashion creations, wool and handmade yarns for knitting and crochet fans or fashionable binding and strings for creative decorating ideas: VENO carries the current products from all major brands. Every product range is available in our large inventory. What this means for you:

  • Permanent availability
  • Short delivery times
  • First-class delivery rates

Through our flexible delivery quantities, you are spared your stockkeeping. You do not need to order needles, scissors and snap fasteners from us in great quantities. We also supply small batches and you (and your customers) do not have to wait for long.

Your expertise as a specialist dealer lies in the product range depth, product quality and availability. And our expertise as your partner? It lies in the product range depth, product quality and availability. That is why we fit together so well.

VENO....completes partnerships. And fashion as well.