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A successful partnership for more than 60 years: VENO and the specialised trade of fashion, hobbies and creation. We supply yarns, zippers, buttons, crochet hooks, embroidery needles, sewing needles, wool, appliqués, binding and much more – all from leading brand manufacturers.


We always consider zippers, buttons, binding, etc. to be items of daily use as well as fashion. That is why we keep an eye on the trends for you. We exclusively supply the specialised trade that is intent on quality and that does not compromise when it comes to crochet hooks, embroidery needles and sewing needles. And definitely not with wool, yarns and appliqués.


VENO has a great deal in stock for the specialised trade, both for haberdashery standards as well as for modern trends, and has these items available for delivery in a short period of time. This ensures that your customers always have something to crochet, sew, knit, quilt and patchwork.